It all started when...

Jeff was working on the Kingsland train station and Suzanne was studying for draughting that the combination of Specky's Workshop first began way back ......

Since then we have created a business that works with clients to achieve a home that hums with space and love.  For this to work well, we both need to:

  • KNOWLEDGE - empower each other with knowledge.  You share your wants and desires (no matter how odd you might think them or how specific you wish the building to be) and we put them on paper for a concept.  We transform your vision from the original design to provide options.  Why? There's nothing worse than a door that doesn't open fully because the design wasn't thought out thoroughly, or a room is too small and not practical.  We like a home where the flow meanders from front to back without too many obstructions.
  • TRUST - that you have given us all the information and there will be no surprises later that may slow the process.  That way we are able to provide better guidance for you.
  • COMMUNICATION - change is a constant in life which means communication becomes important to keep the flow going between parties, to keep the process flowing.  A breakdown blocks this flow of communication 

Jeff Sarjeant

Jeff's long history in the construction industry and his caring nature makes him the ideal narrator for so many of the vlogs produced to inform clients and builders about changes in the construction industry, design information and questions councils are starting to ask.  He enjoys helping you to make decisions so you feel great about the end product.  Keep an open mind and you never know what you may learn that you weren't aware of before.  There's lots to consider with the design of a new build as well as a renovation.


suzanne brereton

Suzanne's knowledge of transforming spaces into ideal homes makes her the ideal candidate for information on interior spatial design.  Her ability with the computer allows you to see the concept in 3D before final approval given and allows a greater understanding of the final building.  This is where decisions are often made when looking at 3D or walking through the building. Come and see for yourself.