New Office

Having been so excited to be moving into a new office soon, we have changed our minds.  We have taken our time in making this decision and looked at several factors.  One of these factors has been to consider how we feel about working from an office at home versus working from an office in town.  Our routine allows us to work with some flexibility in hours giving us the time when events at school dictates our attendance that disrupt office hours of our day.  To work away from home, there is the expectation we would always be there between the hours of 9:00 am-5:00 pm.  The problem of lunch also had to be addressed as we are spoilt now and tend to have a cooked lunch.  Fancy having to pack a lunch.  Ha ha.  I haven’t done that since attending school myself.  And what about a coffee?  Making my own espresso may not be as easy and then there is the dog and the cat and the washing and whatever else I can think of.  So you see the argument seemed to be very one-sided.

On the other hand, perhaps a change may have done us the world of good.  We will not find out now as we have decided to keep working from home.  What we have done is to move the office from the largest room in the house to the smallest.  My thoughts behind this were that while our office was in the largest room that was our main focus in life.  So guess what happened to our personal lives?  They became work focused.  By changing to the smaller room, our personal life has come back into focus encouraging us to become more balanced in how we live our life.  Think about how you use your rooms and what you wish to achieve in each of them.