If each room/space was a friend, what would it say?

If you were to treat each room or space as a friend, what would it say?  are the rooms there just to hold your stuff for you or others without too much interaction?  Do you use each room or space on a regular basis?  Do you interact with each item within the spaces on a regular basis?  Is there a special place for that "friend" in you home or is it just dumped wherever, in amongst chaos to be found at a date?

Looking at how you interact with each room/space within your home and the frequency with which you interact with the spaces and belongings in your home is important.  Very little interaction causes spaces to have a slow dull vibration - a bit like a dying relationship.  If you want to have a vibrant relationship, then you would tend to interact often and enjoy the interaction whether it be lively or relaxing.  So spaces in homes need to be used in a similar manner.  They need to be used frequently and enjoyed to create a harmonious vibration within them.

Spaces that become dull through lack of use, also tend to have a heavy vibration.  this type of vibration tends to push you away rather than encourage you to use the space making it worse rather than better.  Make the most of your home as it is a reflection of your body?  If all the spaces are well loved, nurtured and cared for then that is likely how you will treat yourself.  You will love yourself all over and treat yourself well.   If on the other hand there are dark, heavy and unhealthy parts that need to see some light, maybe it is time for a wake up call.  Look at how each room is used.  Spare rooms are fine but if they are not used frequently, find another use for them.  For instance, the kids are at home but a music room or play room are required, then use what you have for what you need.  Incorporate a sofa bed or murphy bed for the occasional time you do have guests.  If the kids have left home, then excellent time to turn spare rooms into a personal space - his study or her study.