What makes the kitchen the hub?

A kitchen is often referred to as the hub of a house.  So what makes a hub?  One definition is: 

 the effective centre of an activity, region, or network.

How much time do we spend in the kitchen to make it a hub?  Is that even important when often the living space or the bedroom hold us for longer?  The kitchen is a hive of activity three times a day where we prepare, cook and sometimes eat meals.  The area is also used to entertain with food, alcohol and other utensils (especially if you have a child).  It's also an area for experimenting, exploring and conversing.  So much can be done here depending on the user of the space.

So where does the kitchen sit in the overall design of the house?  This depends on the overall design of the house, especially if wanting an indoor/outdoor flow.  But don't put it at the back of the house where it is the last room that you reach having passed through a rabbit warren of rooms & you need to leave a bread trail to find your way out, with no standing room or where you need to talk around the corner or yell to those in another room in order to have a conversation.  That does not make a pleasant experience for anyone.  Looking at how some old houses have been done up around Dunedin, I am curious as to why so many are not conducive to having the kitchen as the hub.