Services - Residential

The majority of our work revolves around residential plans either taking your own ideas and converting them into a concept that appeals or taking your own design and draughting them into a set of plans to go into Council.


new build / turn key

You may have decided to build new so enjoy the process.  There will be loads of decisions to make along the way.  You may wish to make the decisions about the finishes yourself or you may wish to just move in and leave those decisions up to us, either way we are able to help.  

HINT:  Make up a mood board at the start to help along the way.  The more you know at the beginning the easier the process flows.

3.5 Narrow house plan.jpg

renovation / additon

Renovation of existing houses and extensions to existing houses are covered here.  There are two options here depending on how much assistance and input you wish to have from us.

HINT:  Spatial design & building knowledge may assist with the decisions required for the final concept. Don't be shy about tapping into our knowledge on renovations and/or extensions.


you-nique designs

For those with their own designs and only wanting a set of plans drawn up for consent, this option may be for you.  This is where you get to take full control of the final design concept.


Services - Other

Not all of our projects are residential construction.  We have been asked by clients to extend our services to reflect our knowledge.  These additional services include Commercial, Pole Shed conversion and some landscaping rebuilds/new builds where the focus requires the use of construction materials.


commercial projects

Commercial work ranges from shops for retail (cafes & office) to accommodation units.  


pole shed conversion

Do you want to reuse that pole shed you have on site already?  Do you want a new pole shed?  Either way we are able to provide assistance with the design of the new space.


other work

Not all of work involves creating houses.  Some of our work involves either adding to the external environment by taking a house & making it into a home.  We have also been asked to create a children's playground using construction materials and the senses for kids to explore.  Often the process requires us to combine the Feng Shui bagua and Montessori concepts to create a result that appeals to the client.  More recently we have been involved with the rebuild of a bridge and covered barbecue area.


dragonflies in action

We often forget that our home reflects our personality in how we design the building layout and then decorate. Taking a holistic approach to your building, your life & your home can make a difference with the energy that is incorporated during the design and build process as well as how you feel every time you walk in the door. Is the house yours or does the building feel like someone else’s because there is too much energy from an external source? Taking the time to bring in the energetically aligned people makes a huge difference to the outcome. Let you house become your home that speaks of YOU!